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1 second movie


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Life is Story

Storyy is a life log application.

Just by selecting a BGM and a filter
from video you shot,
Create easily your own retrospective movie
including a one second videos laps from each videos.

Realized how your child grow,
Remind you those funny days spent on a trip

How to Use

Only 3 steps needed to create your video

Our Thought

The thought put in Storyy

Child growth quickly.

That's why we think that the days
we spent are unexpectedly forgotten
if not recorded properly.

We laughed, went out together,
got a bit angry,
and when we look back,
Those are Irreplaceable family stories.

Watch your storyy videos
to realize how much your children grow,
Use your videos to trigger family communication,
Record your own story.

Such Storyy contains such feelings.

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